Mediation Organizer App

Project details

Coalesce Mediation
Propietary app - Scheduling/Document Management
Azure RP, Photoshop, Powerpoint, pens & paper/stickies

Short Summmary

Design the user interface for a mobile/tablet & desktop app to manage a team of Mediators for conflict resolution outside court. Functionality needed included making client appointments, allow for secretary and other Mediators to communicate without having to use other apps. Basic documented management where PDFs and photos of signed legal forms can be uploaded and viewed easily. Simple alerts for meeting confirmations and agreements not signed.

UX Strategies


Carried out background research into what Mediators do, where they fit into the conflict resolution space and how they relate to attorneys at large. I didn’t know the area at all.

Kickoff Meeting
  • Heuristic survey focusing on their current methods of scheduling & document management.
  • Card sorting 1 – gave everyone a card to write down single words that describe their feelings about these methods.
  • Initial brainstorming about their needs in this new app.
Follow-up Meeting
  • Functionality needed, focusing on data from the previous meeting.
  • Card sorting 2 - defining personas based on their current & previous customers.
  • Pain Points for client:
    1. Easily retrieved and read in a car.
    2. Other solutions are impossible to navigate in a car.
    3. Attaching PDFs and being able to read them has been unnesessarliy complicated.
    4. Other solutions like Google docs are not easily shared between Mediators and Secretary
  • Sticky brainstorming at Mediator's office, paper wireframing & storyboarding.
  • Low-fi paper mockups of all pages, as well as generate graphical ideas for UI quickly.
  • Created Journey maps navigating the potential UI.
  • Creation of 4 personas exemplifying different user groups.
Rapid Prototyping
  • Functional mockups of final versions in Axure RP Pro.
  • Demo and test the interface within group meeting, where all Mediators and Secretary were present for feedback.
  • A brief questionare was provided addressing specific potential issues. This saved much time in meetings.
Rapid Prototyping
  • By request, the final prototype was handed off in the form of Powerpoint deck.
  • Hi-res and web-friendly versions of assets were to be extracted from the mock.
  • Research into appropriate technologies was undertaken and documented in the Powerpoint deck.
Rapid Prototyping