New Student Portal

Project details

Strayer University
New student portal application
UX Technologies
Sketch, Photoshop, Whiteboard
Development Technologies
Drupal, Foundation, jQuery, CSS HTML
Company Website

Short Summary

Development of the front-end design and functionality for a new student portal in Drupal. Incorporate testing of page load times, heatmaps following traffic using Optimizely, Doubleclick and ION Liveball. Project to follow Stand Development Live Cycle (STLC) using GIT versioning across local development, project repo before deloying to staging, testing and finally production environments. I designed the user interface, prototyped CSS3 animations and partly built the front-end.


  • Complete overhaul of the UI to improve access of information by refactoring menu structuring.
  • Create a new design with a modern look and feel that is also optimized for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Ensured 508 form accessibility to all web assets.
  • Drupal theme maintenance by updating custom themes and plugins using as a local server Acquia Dev Desktop (PC) and MAMP (Mac).
  • Create and edit existing content.

UX Strategies

  • Created Journey maps tracing student activities, class scheduling and homework submission.
  • Creation of personas explemifying different user groups.
  • Students at Strayer often used old technologies, such as old PCs using outdated browsers.
Rapid Prototyping
  • Photoshop mockups and generation of assets.
  • Versioned code mockups.
  • Internal scrums during the prgress on the interface.
  • Balsamiq for the creation of wireframes, and Photoshop CS6 for mockups and image creation.
  • Whiteboard wireframing & storyboarding.
  • Quick mockups in Photoshop.
  • A/B testing for comparing design elements.
  • Developed front end components, utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Implemented in Drupal progressive enghancement strategies to support browsers down to Internet Explorer 9.
  • Implemented responsive layout, via Foundation & media queries, for the UI.
  • Incorporated tracking code techniques to final code.
  • Reproofed and created CMS content copy for various campaigns and articles.